Dear Anna,


Thought you might like a recent picture of our boy!  He’s terrific and I just wanted to share recent events. I saw that you and Carlos are grandparents!  Congratulations!  We were similarly blessed in January with our first grandchild- a baby boy and he and our daughter/son in law live a mile away. So very fortunate. Luca is incredibly sweet with the baby, gets very concerned if he cries. But most of all, had to share my experience after hip surgery not yet 2 weeks ago. Luca waits patiently for me to walk(with cane) one step at a time. He waits for the “ok” before moving forward and is careful not to pull. It’s incredible how instinctual he is without having had any specific training for caregiving. 
So, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts- and for the love and care that went into your breeding. ❤️Carol


Dear Anna,


Dwight and I wanted to thank you and Carlos again for everything you do to raise such wonderful little Bolo's!  Our Piccolo Luca is all that we could have wanted in a puppy.  At just over 4 months he is fully house broken and is a happy, playful member of the family. All the early developmental care you provided to him and the other puppies is evident in his interactions with other people and animals.  Luca is not afraid of loud noises (he slept through the 4th of July fireworks) and he delights in playing with our daughter's year old puppy,  our friend's 3 and 5 year old daughters as well as the jungle "gym" we made him modeled after yours.


While bathing and grooming are not his favorite activities, he doesn't mind being brushed and is adjusting to the routine.  He LOVES his food (ziwipeak) and seems both happy and healthy.  When I leave him to go to the gym or shopping, he is happy to discover bits of food or treats in a puzzle.  Never a whimper when I leave and is absolutely delighted when I return.   Luca has begun learning how to be a good companion dog and is greatly looking forward to his formal puppy school which begins next week after all required shots have been administered.  We're excited to then be able to take him for walks.


I just wanted to add a few words about how we chose you!  I had been doing research on different dog breeds after our two Westies died early this year.  I spoke to several breeders and emailed with some.  You were the only one that I felt confident was actually striving to raise both the healthiest and best adjusted puppies.  You were the only breeder that not only allowed us to visit the puppies and meet the parents at several weeks old,  but ENCOURAGED us to do so.  So to any potential Bolo parents out there, I can offer a wholehearted endorsement for an Enchanting Bolognese puppy.​

Carol, Dwight and Piccolo Luca

Hi Anna, 


We are still in Puerto Rico. Enzo has become something of a celebrity here even though he doesn't speak Spanish. Here he is trying to look anonymous behind his Foster Grants
Wish you were here.


See you after mango season!

Kevin & Terry

Hi Anna,


I hope this email finds you and the dogs well. I wanted to let you know that Harley was nuetered this week, and is doing very well. I have attached the vet's statement as proof. He came trotting out after the surgery as if nothing had happened. We had to laugh because the vet told us to try and keep him from running or jumping for a few days, and of course, that's all he loves to do. He went for a walk the next day with our usual group, and no one could believe that he had the surgery. We have an excellent vet, and it's clear they really care for their patients. They actually took the time to do some reading about the breed because they had never had one before. I was impressed.


Harley gets along with everyone and importantly everyone else's dogs. Valinda brushes him twice a day, and everyone loves his puffy white coat, and how soft he feels. He loves the attention and wants to meet everyone he sees, and wants to play with every dog he meets. Of course at home, he will not leave Valinda's side for one minute, and of course, she takes him everywhere.


I enrolled them both in a training class, and he was the star pupil. He is incredibly smart, and quick to learn anything we want to teach him. He knows all the basic commands, and we've also taught him a few tricks like twirling around while standing up, and jumping through a hoop which he loves to do the most. He has also learned to ring a bell to let know he has to go out.


In any case, Harley is very happy and the perfect dog for us. God willing, he will be a part of our lives for many years to come.



I just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing little puppy we could ever ask for!


She is so smart.  she already does 7 or more tricks! Luna is such a love. My girls 4 and 8 adore her so much.  If they are ever sick or sad they say, "Can I just hold the doggie" and she is more than happy to let them snuggle as long as they want.  


This breed is really amazing they are cute, fluffy, active, lazy, quiet, friendly - everything you could possibly want in a dog. When you take them for a walk be aware you will meet many people that want to know who and what this special dog is.


Anna and her husband raise the most perfect little puppies, there was hardly any transition at all. I thought she would cry missing her mommy but she never did.  Anna takes care of these little dogs as if they were her own little babies. Any question or need you have will be met. I can't say enough about how happy we really are.  



Luna and the Lopez Family

Hi Anna, 


This is long overdue but I wanted to tell you about Davy! He’s an amazing little puppy - so responsive and loving with everyone. Everywhere we go, he makes people’s day by giving them little kisses and being excited to meet them. He’s fantastic with toddlers, people in wheelchairs, veterans, or just people who need a smile. He’s a little shy around big dogs, which we’re slowly overcoming - but he loves little dogs. He’s gone on several road trips with us and loves the car a lot. His favorite toy is a little colorful ducky that he drags around with him places. He also loves playing catch or chase or tug-a-war. His favorite place is on top of the back of the couch, or on my shoulder. 

Kristen Robertson

Hi Anna, 


I just wanted to give an update on Snowball. He is doing really well, and getting along great with London. They love chasing each other around the apartment, and Snowball especially love to give London kisses when London is sleeping. Snowball sometimes gets picky, and would eat only half of his food. It doesn't matter how little or much we give, he always eat half of whatever is in his bowl. There are moments where he would eat a LOT, and then a couple of days later, half of whatever is in his bowl, which is weird. I just give him more whenever he is in his picky strut, so that he eats around his portion. He also likes to bark at strangers whenever we pass them, maybe a bolognese trait? I know bolognese tend to be more reserved. He licks everyone he barks at whenever he is at an approachable distance though, so I never worry about him being aggressive or anything. Snowball also really love to sleep in the corner of everything; bed, room, sofa, whatever it is, he will be there right on the edge of the thing he sleeps on, rarely on the middle. He also seems more independent than London; he usually just stares at us whenever we tell him to come, or do anything. It is a different story when there is treat, of course, the sneaky guy. And if there are any upcoming dog shows for rare breeds nearby, please let me know! 

David N.

In praise of Dekker, our 13 week Bolognese.


This is the most perfect puppy imaginable. He is presently sleeping in a basket by the computer; in a few hours he will be playing like a banshee on the living room floor, chasing balls, attacking a squeaky lion, chewing on a rubber bone. But in between he will have attended a two hour graduate seminar. He has already been to a half dozen classes, one plenary talk, two department meetings, and a four-hour vestry retreat, and was every time as good as gold. He's affectionate, joyous, playful, but also gentle, obedient, sweet, and well-mannered. From the beginning, he slept through the night, lying peacefully at the foot of the bed, although in the morning he crawls between us. He learned to use the potty pad within a few days, and by now is almost fully housebroken. He tries to chew slippers, but at 4.5 lbs has not yet managed to do any damage to his favorite pair of little straw flip-flops, although he has more success with shredding a paper napkin, which keeps him occupied for most of his owners' dinner time. He knows how to bark, but rarely does so. He is smart, curious, easy to train, not destructive: in short, happy, loving, and a very good companion.


Note: although he goes everywhere with me, he's still carried in a basket, since he hasn't had all his shots, so he hasn't yet had the chance to play with other dogs.

Debora Shuger, Distinguished Professor of English UCLA

"We love our little Bella, whom we adopted from Anna. She is an absolute sweetheart! She loves to cuddle and snuggle, and after she’s well rested she is ready to play and eager to learn. She already learned how to fetch and the command, “come.” She was a breeze to housetrain. Anna had her trained to use potty pads as well as going outside on the grass.  By the end of her first week home, Bella learned how to find and use the doggy door to go potty outside. The amount of joy she gives our family cannot be described. Our 8 year old son has finally gotten the doggie of his dreams!  And so do I!

After extensive research for the perfect dog, the Bolognese met all of my families requirements. They are small, white, cute, easygoing, non-shedding,  odor-free, and not highly energetic. They have hair, not fur, which is better for people with allergies, like my husband who is fine with Bella. The Bolognese  love to sit on your lap and have just the right amount of energy to entertain children. They are quite comical and instinctively do what’s known as the “Bolo dance”, in which they stand on their hind legs and wave their paws around. I thought I had melted into putty when I first witnessed Bella do this.

You won’t be disappointed doing business with Anna. Her world centers around taking care of these little doggies. She gives them lots of love and attention, feeds them a high quality diet, and even makes them homemade treats. Her adult dogs are all health tested and the puppies get a health examination and their first shots in which you will get a record of. Anna is always available to talk to whether by phone or email. She made me feel totally comfortable through the whole process. Doing business long-distance with someone you never met and have found by way of internet can be unsettling, but Anna was reassuring, giving me all the necessary information I needed. I saw photos and videos of our little baby as she grew in the weeks before we got her. We flew all the way from Florida to California to get her. Anna sent us on our way with a little care package for Bella.  It was the best trip as a family that we ever made!"



Bella and The Mojica Family

"My husband and I recently purchased an adorable puppy from Anna.  I have to admit I was nervous at first as this is the first time we'd purchased from a breeder.  We know the Bolognese are rare and Anna seemed to have a healthy looking pair of puppies. We had to give a deposit up front and Anna was great at working with us to help us feel comfortable.  I was able to pay through Pay Pal which helped me feel more secure.  Once we put our deposit Anna sent us photos and videos regularly, and she kept us updated on the health and growth of our little guy.  She took great care of him and we could tell he was very spoiled.  :)  When the time came for him to finally come home (we'd been waiting 8 weeks) she drove him down for us (we're in Southern CA) so we wouldn't have to have him shipped.  To our surprise Luigi was already doing very well with his potty training, she did a great job getting the training started for us.  


I'm pleased to say our little guy is fully potty trained.  He's learned commands like sit, down, fetch, etc. very easily.  His temperament is wonderful, he's very playful but gentle with the kids. He sleeps quietly through the night and gets up when we do.  I couldn't ask for a better dog.  He's wonderful, and we know he was cared for well before he came home to us.  I highly recommend Anna, she's the best!"

Dannielle Bertuol

Hi Anna and Carlos,


We can’t even start to tell you how much we ADORE Stella.  She is such a JOY to have around.  Her personality is UNIQUE.  She LOVES to stand on her hind legs and move her paws like she’s praying at you.  She also loves to roll over and have her belly rubbed.

She’s like a LITTLE mischievous bundle of fur always looking for something to play with or someone to be near to.  She loves to be around Sophie but really enjoys to be around Brie, our daughter’s CHUG.  They play together and make us all laugh out loud.  She is very entertaining to say the least.


Stella had her wellness exam and part of her shots yesterday.  She weighs 8 lbs. 10 oz. .............and LOOKS like she’s going to be a ‘MIDGET’.         LOL


Sophie is quite a bit taller and carries herself much differently.  Like I said, to us, Stella looks like the little ‘trouble maker’ kid looking to get into trouble.


She is the first to bark at anything out of the ordinary and thinks she’s a BIG watch dog.  SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!


Stella will NOT allow Patti to pluck the hairs in her ears and makes a big fuss when getting combed.  Patti had the vet pluck her ears and nails trimmed yesterday.  Sophie is used to the routine of getting her ears done.  I guess it will take some time to get Stella to that point.


Just to keep you guys apprised of how well she’s doing.

Mike and Patti

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