The coat doesn't require trimming, but you must be willing to devote time daily to brushing and combing, to avoid matts.  If you plan to show your Bolognese, then it must not be trimmed. You may however trim around the eyes and private areas.  If your Bolo is a companion pet, then, by all means, trim them if you wish.


I bathe my Bolos frequently.  I have used all kinds of combinations of the best "pet" shampoos and conditioners.  I have found what works the best is "Aveda - Shampure".  That's right!  It's human shampoo!  It was recommended to me by a lady in the AVEDA salon.  She recommended it to a lady for her horses' tail, and according to her, the lady came back and said her horses' tail has never been softer!  I tried it on my "babies" and I'm a believer.  My girl's coat was a bit dry, due to all the chlorine in our water system here.  Just one time with AVEDA, and their coat was already restored to their beautiful luster they were born with.  If anyone else has suggestions, please let me know as I am always searching for new information.


Eyes should be cleaned daily, and ears need to be plucked, as the Bolognese tend to have a lot of hair in their ears.  If water gets in them, it can get trapped and subsequently cause an ear infection.  Also, teeth cleaning and nail trimming should be done on a regular basis.

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group - Companion Dogs

Height - General: 9 inches to 1 foot tall at the shoulder

Weight - General: 8 to 14 pounds

Life Span: 12 to 14 years

Do they bark a lot?

Bolognese are very quiet in nature, but they will bark when somebody is knocking at the door, or when somebody they don't know comes into their "territory". If barks could be turned into words, I'm sure my Bolos would be saying "hey, wait a minute! You're not going one step further until I can smell you and know that you are okay to continue coming into my home!" They even like to bark to let me know somebody is "at the door" when they hear a doorbell on television.


True story:  One day, I remember my dogs barking quite fiercely at something, but I dismissed it because I wasn't feeling too well, and I thought they were barking at the kids playing in the complex... Found out that evening that my next door neighbor was robbed that afternoon!  In hindsight, I wish I had gone out to investigate!  They may be tiny, but they live up to their "job" as being protectors!

Exercise & Training

This breed doesn't require a lot of exercise.  But your little companion will thrive with a daily walk.  Not only will this help keep them physically fit,  it will keep their mind stimulated with new sights, and smells.  Bolos are very eager to please and therefore easy to train, using positive reinforcement.

What should I do as the new owner?

I will begin socializing the puppies, but it is essential that you as the owner, continue this effort when they move in to their new home with you, so that they can become responsible "citizens" of the home and community.   This is a big commitment of time and effort on your part. You should be willing to expose them to various types of environments, until they are about 4 months old, so that they don't become afraid, when they encounter those circumstances later on. When they reach 4 months old, their "fear factor" kicks in to new experiences.


You should also be willing to enroll them in a puppy class.  This investment of time and money will certainly pay off later, when you have a well rounded and balanced puppy.


Although there are no major health issues with the Bolognese, as a breeder, I health test prior to breeding, and would want you to keep up with the CERF and Patella exams and notify me of the results, so that I can keep track and preserve their genetic health.


All puppies will be vet checked and have age appropriate immunizations before being released to their new homes.  I offer a one year genetic health guarantee and  life long support any time of day or night.  My dogs live in my home and they are handled, loved and well maintained. They are well socialized with my family members which includes visits from my six nieces and nephews who range in age from 5 to 12 years old.

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