I've always loved animals all my life. Particularly dogs. A few years ago, I wanted to get a dog more than anything, and even before discussing it with my husband, I started researching different breeds. I love so many kinds, but since I was living in an apartment complex, I was limited to the size of the dog.

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I found the Bolognese - one I had never heard of before, and no wonder, as they are relatively new to the United States, and are an extremely rare breed. What caught my attention first, was the fact that they are of Italian descent, like me. As I read on about them and their traits, I began to get excited and knew in my heart the search was over... now, all I had to do was to find a reputable breeder.


When I brought home my first Bolognese, Isabella, my husband and I couldn't believe so much love and adoration could come in just a few pounds! Isabella makes us laugh with her antics. She loves to play and to tease us. My husband always thought when we were ready to get a dog, we would get a Boxer. He never thought he'd see himself, with a little white, fluffy dog. I will always remember the day when he told me that he couldn't believe how I just chose the "right breed dog". She's smart, she's playful, vivacious. She's truly our best friend. We love her so much, that we decided to add to our "pack" and get another Bolognese, Gianna. They are truly members of our family. They are not raised in a "kennel" environment. They share our home and although they have their own crates, they love sleeping in our bed with us. They are our constant companions.


Isabella and Gianna have such different personalities. If it were even possible, my husband and I felt our love for them grow even more. My journey with the breed has grown from wanting a dog, to wanting only Bolognese, to wanting to start my own breeding program. I've always felt that in life, I wanted to do something that really mattered that I was ever here at all. For me, life is not about money, it's about accomplishments and doing the right things and leaving something wonderful behind for future generations.


My decision to breed the Bolognese leaves me with the same feeling as when I laid eyes on my first Bolo, Isabella. I know in my heart, it's the right choice. My goal as a breeder is to "promote, preserve and protect" this breed.


It is a privilege to breed Bolognese and before engaging any Bolo in my breeding program, I research genetic lines and breed from the best available dogs that conform to breed standards and have good temperaments. Also very important is health testing- CERF (eyes) and patellas, to improve the next generation and to keep the gene pool healthy.


Just as important as it is for YOU to interview me, and come and visit my Bolos before making a decision to bring one into your family, it is equally as important for me to interview the potential owner, to be sure that it is a good fit. Also, if you contact me and I have no Bolos available at the time, I will gladly recommend a few reputable breeders who do.


I am passionate about our little "babies" and would love to talk with you whether or not you want to purchase one from me or even if you are just collecting "facts" in order to make your purchasing decision. I encourage you to ask lots of questions of anyone you might purchase a puppy from. Visit the home of the breeder to be sure that the dogs they raise, are truly a part of their home environment, and not just kept in cages.


Reservations are highly recommended.