Is this the right dog for you??

Having a "rare breed dog" doesn't necessarily mean that they are more valuable.  It means that they are scarce!  As an owner of a Bolognese, you would be an ambassador for the breed. It is exciting to own a pet that is not common.  I get stopped all the time by people, asking me what type of dogs they are.  My pride kicks in and of course, I love to talk about my "babies".  I get the chance to educate people and to be able to do that is an amazing feeling, as I want more people to know about the breed and be as excited about them as I am.


The Bolognese have been bred for centuries as a companion pet.  They take their job seriously and bond closely with their family members.  This rare breed companion, wants nothing more than to please you and take part in your daily activities; and to be a part of your family. The Bolognese are incredibly smart and have the sweetest nature. They are clownish and love playing games and get you to play chase with them. They like to walk on their hind legs and make little sounds with their throats to "talk" to you. They are also content to follow you from room to room, and just sit on your lap, or be where they can see you. But just as humans are different, so are the Bolognese. While they have many similarities, they also have very individual personalities. They don't require a lot of space, which makes them quite suitable for apartment life.  They also get along well with other household pets.

About Bolognese Dogs